American Armenian Rose Float Association Reveals 2024 Tournament of Roses Float Entry, “Armenian Melodies”

PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 25, 2023 —The American Armenian Rose Float Association, Inc. (AARFA) will present “Armenian Melodies,” for its appearance in the 135th Tournament of Roses. Inspired by the strength of Armenian matriarchs throughout history, “Armenian Melodies” will feature dynamic Armenian mother and daughter figures dressed in vibrant, traditional garb, surrounded by important symbols within Armenian heritage and culture. Tying in perfectly with the 135th Tournament of Roses theme, Celebrating a World of Music, “Armenian Melodies” will showcase several musical instruments endemic to Armenia, on January 1, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. PT.  

Marking its sixth year participating in the Tournament of Roses, AARFA’s “Armenian Melodies” captures the heroism of Armenian mothers as exemplars of determination, resilience and fortitude in the face of centuries of upheaval. Through their steadfast support, Armenian mothers inspire their families and communities to persevere, even through turbulent times.

Armenian birds play a major role on the float, with the crane, chukar and little ringed plover, which are indigenous to the Armenian Highlands, nestled around the mother and daughter, adding depth and character to the rich tableau. Armenian instruments also feature heavily in “Armenian Melodies,” as the name suggests. Traditional wind instruments native to Armenia, including the duduk, shvi, blul and parkapzuk adorn the float, while percussion instruments, the dhol and nagara round out the floral orchestra adding to the spirited tapestry.

Adding to the float’s colorful and meaningful scene, symbolic objects are sprinkled throughout. Besides AARFA’s tricolor Armenian logo, a bushel of pomegranates, which represent good fortune and abundance, perch alongside the mother and daughter. With deep roots in Armenian music and culture, apricots can be found at the front of the float, along with the aforementioned duduk, which is made with apricot wood. Intricate and historic Armenian patterns are highlighted on the mother’s dress, while the “arevakhatch” or sun cross, symbolizing eternal life round out the design of “Armenian Melodies.”

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The American Armenian Rose Parade Float Association mission is to promote and preserve Armenian culture and heritage through float design. AARFA strives to inspire, educate and raise awareness around the rich history, traditions and values of the Armenian community. Through its floats, AARFA hopes to foster unity, understanding and appreciation among people of all backgrounds and create lasting memories for generations to come. 

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